About airG


Richard Gallon is the man and the dynamic force originally behind the AirG acrobatic paragliding company.

As one of the pioneers of European paragliding, Richard Gallon still has a big influence on the scene, and has gained experience in every aspect of the sport. He is also a passionate flyer; enthusiastic and commited, and has proved this by winning the World Cup several times.

As well as being an internationally respected paraglider and paragliding instructor, he has helped to improve both the safety and manoeverability of gliders, by working as a test pilot for many A-list manufacturers.


airG's history

In 2009 Richard decided to set up his own manufacturing company. His extensive knowledge, experience and understanding of the sport led to the creation of AirG, and the authentic style of his leadership, combined with the company’s sophisticated product range, has turned AIRG into a force to be reckoned with.

AIRG´s wings are characterized by their smooth but robust flying style. The “Emilie”, AIRG´s Acrowing, has, in cooperation with some of the worlds best pilots, been turned into a superior, outstanding wing, much loved by all. Extreemly relieable and considered to be one of the safest acro wings on the market.

The Emilie is a wing that has contributed massively to the company’s success, and proved its reliability by winning several World Championship titles.

In its bigger sizes extreemly relieable and considered to be one of the safest acro wings on the market, making it the ideal choice for flyers wanting to explore the world of Acrobatic Paragliding.

Richard, with his uncomplicated, individual style, managed to become a leading player in the manufacture of Acro Paragliding products within the space of 5 years.
However, in 2016, Richard decided to focus on his family and to put his considerable energy into being a full-time pilot again.

Selling his firm to one of the “major-players” was not an option for him, as he felt it would have changed the spirit of AIRG. Therefore, he decided to give his company to two young, like-minded Acropilots from Innsbruck, Simon Klemenc and Johannes Glatz who, since 2017 have not just taken care of the company but taken it to new heights.

Our mission

AIRG products are designed by Acro-pilots for Acro-pilots, and are for those flyers who are in the air wherever there is air; for those flyers who follow their passion with dedication; those flyers who make our sport grow by inspiring people all over the globe! And for us, AIRG is more than just a company, it is the foundation-stone we jump from to fly to our dreams.

We devlop. We improve. We aim to enhance your flying experience by continously refining our products.