Flying the Emilie PEACE2 20


by Johannes Glatz

Johannes on a 20

Pilot: Johannes Glatz
TOW: 93kg
Glider: Emilie Peace2 20,5m², Factory Settings

For me, the Emilie 20 is a perfect compromise between predictable dynamic and performance. With a wingload of 4,53 kg/m² it was possible to thermal in conditions where smaller sizes bombed out. Still, the glider is fast enough to fly in conditions up to about 35 km/h wind comfortably. Anyway don´t forget your speedbar.
Every manoeuvre from cork to antirythmic works, glider nicely open! At the same time those manoeuvres are happening way slower than on sizes 17 and 16. This allows me to understand the different movements and reactions better. (For example, rhythmic corrections are not just pull-release, but pull-hold-release, or the influence of weightshift when flying negative manoeuvres.)