Merci, Richard!


by Johannes Glatz

Dear Richard,

words cannot describe what we feel in this this dark hour.
A luminary has left us.
We didn´t have time to say Good Bye. So, hear our message.

Your life was extraordinary by all means. You have experienced more than many others would have had in ten lives. Following your passion brought you around the globe from Brazil to Japan. You left a big impression with every person you met.
Even today, when your name drops in a conversation every person that knew you has a "Richardstory" to tell that leaves the mouths of the audience open. You have established an unconventional lifestyle by following your dreams of freedom that inevitably influenced everybody that had the honor of your presence.
Your life is a statement. You held a mirror up to the people, which reframed the idea of “normal” and delivered tons of inspiration. By walking your path authentically, you have managed to keep your passion for flying over the decades and to contribute significantly to our sport.
You worked with numerous companies to improve safety and performance of paragliding. Also, you participated in uncountable events and created public attention for paragliding. Together with the SAT Team you paved the way for Acrobatic Paragliding which makes you clearly one of the founding fathers of our passion.
Thank you for your lifework.
By following your passion, you found many like-minded people who contributed to your vision of freedom. We deeply admire Anja Kaiser for her strength and her exceptional support that helped to pursue your dreams. By founding airG Products you took the chance to supply the community with wings that reflect your decades of paragliding lifestyle experience.
Knowing the needs and wishes of freestyle pilots and exclusively focusing on them makes airG the most authentic paraglidingbrand. Sharing the love for our passion is the driving force, as it was yours.
The very fact that you gave the company to us, two young Acropilots, and did not sell it to a major player showed your pure character. airG is your heritage to the world of freestyle paragliding. We will continue, as it was one of your last wishes.

Being without you leaves big emptiness in our hearts. We miss you! All we can do now is to remember the great times and think back to all the true and extraordinary moments we had with you.
We will continue telling your stories from St. Hilaire to Kössen. We will remind every person who Richard Gallon was.
And at some point, we will realize that you are not dead.
Your spirit lives on in the head of every person whose heart you have touched, in all your children and in airG products.

In Love,
Johannes, Simon and the airG Family