Macedonia PWC 2022


by Johannes Glatz

As we continue our celebration of thirty years of the Paragliding World Cup it is very befitting that we return to one of our favourite venues. The mountain resort of Krushevo has hosted two World Cups (2012 and 2014), World and European Championships, and countless national competitions.
The manicured launch makes taking off, even in strong winds, possible for international events with a large number of competitors.
Krusevo's main ridge is a great springboard for tasks set out in the plains. The flats in front are a fantastic arena providing seemingly endless route choices. They are also ideal for concentric circles and corridor tasks in a large safe paragliding playground which tolerates the wind very well.
There are generous climbs (3m/s up to 7m/s) and big lines of convergence, which makes for a flying area that is very interesting to analyse and exploit.
It is therefore no surprise that Krushevo 2022 is one of the most popular venues in this year’s calendar. Almost half the pilots competing have a letter A, the highest possible credentials!
Once again, the World Cup is proving to be a showcase for new paragliding technology. Tulio Subira will be flying the Flow XCRacer2 RFC (Ready for Certification). Jaromír Mašek, will be testing the UP Guru 2 RFC.
With twenty-one partner teams our team leader-board will also be exciting to watch.
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As always in the commentary we will be including live photographs, giving a bird’s eye view of the task from the air as it unfolds.
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