7 Reasons why to fly airG


by Johannes Glatz

Here's why to fly airG:

  • The company from Acropilots for Acropilots!
    We take care of your needs and expectations. We know that living the Acrolifestyle goes hand in hand with certain sacrifices and mostly a lack of money. So, we have individual offers to help you.

  • High quality products:
    As we are aware of the forces that come along with flying Acro, we offer high quality products that last several seasons and fit your individual expectations perfectly. New Linesets for a very good price are always available.

  • Direct and fast contact:
    Whenever you have a question about our products, we offer competent response in no time. No matter if it is about a manoeuvre or material. As we are all Acropilots, we can talk out of experience. We are “on the ground”. This means you meet us in the best Acrospots of this planet for direct face to face contact.

  • Cool and individual Style:
    airG always pursues individual style for our flying brothers and sister all over the globe. This includes
    individual design (colorpicker) and shipping for a fair price. Additionally, we have cool and useful lifestyle products (Tshirts, bags, tools)!

  • Being authentic:
    Our goal is to provide high quality products for the Acro- and Freestyle community. We want to make the extraordinary Acrofeeling available for a broader public. Making people happy comes before capitalist interest! We life the Acrospirit, as it is also our driving force in life. We believe in the big picture and do not only want to fill a niche.

  • We have the best products:
    From beginner to Worldchampion, we have the products that fit your expectations best for a continuous and safe Acro progression. Although there is constant development and progression we keep successful concepts to have very similar glider behaviour that has been approved over the years.

  • Family feeling!
    Our global family is always there for you (takeoff, air and landing). Besides useful tips you will get inspiration for future projects. This allows safe and fast progression. For us you are not a customer but a family member! The whole is more than the sum of its parts!

Happy landings and see you soon!