Alex Schweig

  • Birthday:
  • Hometown:
    Planet Earth
  • Local Mountain:
    Miraflores, Peru
  • Takeoff weight:
    98 kg
  • Glider size:
  • First Wing:
    NK Hook
  • Favorite food:
  • Music:
    Follow me on Spotify for flying playlists :)
  • Always travelling with:
    An open heart, an open mind, a willingness to learn, share, teach and respect.
  • Special Thanks:
    all of the people along the way who convinced me to believe in the power of dreams, and all of those who didn’t.
  • Best trip:
    I'm on it!
  • Best moment:
    Endless dune monkey sessions
  • Future Plans:
    Build a community to learn, teach, nurture and coexist!
  • Besides Paragliding:
    Climbing, hiking, ski, and cooking loads of fresh, great food :)
  • Always in my harness:
    Sand from Iquique’s mystic dunes