Jimmy Giroux

  • Birthday:
    30 November 1973
  • Hometown:
    Saint Prosper de Dorchester
  • Local Mountain:
    Le Grand Morne, Quebec, Canada
  • Takeoff weight:
  • Glider size:
  • Sponsors:
    AirG & Adrénaline Dealer
  • First Wing:
    Ozone Indy
  • Favorite food:
    Healthy and tasty
  • Music:
    Anything but country western
  • Random Information:
    Follow me on #adrenalinedealer
  • Always travelling with:
    Passport, Credit Card and Glider
  • Special Thanks:
    All my coaches and people who believed in me specially my wife Maricel and the AirG Family
  • Best trip:
    RedBull Acro Cross Sopot Bulgaria
  • Best moment:
    The first 2 second every time my feet leave the ground on a take off
  • Future Plans:
    To fly in every countries in the world
  • Besides Paragliding:
    My wife and travelling with her to the next flying spot
  • Always in my harness:
    Water and food, Pain killer, Lighter, dental floss, phone and speaker power bank and obviously the camera lol