Nico Calliari

  • Co-founder and member "Fall With Style Acro Team"
  • Aerobatics Paragliding F.A.I. Judge
  • A.P.W.T. "King of Brenta" organizer
  • Birthday
  • Hometown
  • Local Mountain
    Montanara and Paganella - Italy
  • Takeoff weight
    91 kg
  • Glider size
  • Sponsors
    Fall With Style Acro Team
  • First Wing
    Gradient Aspen 1
  • Favorite food
    Pizza, Sushi
  • Music
    Depends on mood
  • Random Information
    Use the sky like a playground
  • Always travelling with
    Music, Water, Phone and the desire to explore the world
  • Special Thanks
    To those (pro)pilots who guided me and to Life
  • Best trip
    Will be the next
  • Best moment
    First flight, Baloon jump and when I meet my hero
  • Future Plans
    Flight higher, Go big and do my BEST in competitions
  • Besides Paragliding
    Climbing, Snowboard, BeachVolley and Travels
  • Always in my harness
    Water, Phone, Knife and Headphones