Maud Perrin

  • Birthday
  • Hometown
    Miribel les echelles
  • Local Mountain
    St Hilaire
  • Takeoff weight
    72 kg
  • Glider size
  • Sponsors
  • First Wing
    Nemo xx
  • Favorite food
    Gratin dauphinois Pancakes
  • Music
    Pop, rap
  • Random Information
    Dutch Frenchy
  • Always travelling with
    My emilie
  • Special Thanks
    My friend Mael for helping me in my progression
  • Best trip
    To El Hierro last winter
  • Best moment
    Each time I manage a new trick
  • Future Plans
    Continue my studies while paragliding to compete
  • Besides Paragliding
    Skiing, sky diving, studying, traveling
  • Always in my harness
    Food and drinks