Norby Winkler

  • Birthday:
  • Hometown:
  • Local Mountain:
  • Takeoff weight:
  • Glider size:
  • Sponsors:
    Kärnten Sport, Sportunion, Paraart
  • First Wing:
    U-turn Ladyguard (i was to light for the bodyguard)
  • Favorite food:
  • Music:
    Hip Hop and Reggaeton
  • Random Information:
    Wombats have cube-shaped poop
  • Always travelling with:
    Siggi and stupid ideas in my mind
  • Special Thanks:
    To my closest friends because with them i am still able to enjoy the day even if i fuck up every single run ;). And to mama and papa, cause they supported me all the time.
  • Best trip:
    When we went to levanto and i tried surfing for the first time
  • Best moment:
    First time flying from Gerlitzen to my home and landed in front of my house
  • Future Plans:
    Learning how to base jump and starting video projects with friends to show how great carinthia can be
  • Besides Paragliding:
    Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Hiking, Windsurfing, Stir up trouble
  • Always in my harness: