Which size to choose?


Wingload is a perfect tool to decide which size to get. Depending on your takeoffweight and flyingskills you have a very good orientation about how your glider will behave.

Wingload = total takeoffweight / Flat area

Here's some example Wingloads:

  • Francois Ragolski 95/17,2 = 5.5
  • Luke: 92/14= 6,57
  • Christina Kolb 75/16,4 = 4.6
  • Simon: 91/17,2 = 5.3
  • Johannes: 93/20,5 = 4.5

Already slightly above 4kg/m² all the manouvers work smoothly. At the same time you still have a moderate sink and thus you can use the weak thermals in your home to perform multiple runs.
It is your personal choice if you prefer to fly high loaded or not, but keep in mind that downsizing too fast may slow down your learning process.
To quote Francois: "If you go on a smaller size everthing should be easier. If it´s not, it´s probably not the right size!"
wingload behaviour

  • <4.3 freestyle
  • 4.3-5.4 acro
  • >5.4 competition

if you are still unsure about which size to choose, just contact us by mail at hello@airgproducts.com